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Two White Men Arrested for Shooting at Black FedEx Driver

D’Monterrio Gibson was delivering FedEx packages in Brookhaven, Mississippi last month when he claims two white men chased him and shot at his delivery truck. Last week, Gregory Case and his son, Brandon, were arrested for the Jan. 24 attack that Gibson says police didn’t take seriously.

According to the Mississippi Free Press, both father and son turned themselves in on Feb. 1 and are now out on bail. Gregory Case was charged with conspiracy while Brandon Case was charged with aggravated assault.

Gibson and his lawyers believe the men should be hit with hate crime charges. Carlos Moore, an attorney representing Gibson, expressed to the Mississippi Free Press that he will seek an investigation by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations and FBI.

“It’s just sad that it happens. It seems to be a copycat duo copying off the Ahmaud Arbery case. …. They saw this man was a Black man, and they just hauled off and shot at him multiple times, at least the younger son did. The older guy tried to entrap him. They were working concertedly to try to entrap and kill this man. I mean, they shot at him several times. It’s amazing that he survived,” Moore said, according to the Mississippi Free Press.

Here’s more about the incident from the Clarion Ledger:

Gibson told The Associated Press on Friday that he was in uniform when the incident happened. He said he was in a van rented by FedEx but that it did not have a FedEx logo on it. He pulled into a driveway and dropped off a package sometime after 7 p.m. on Jan. 24. Before he turned his van around in the driveway to exit, he said, he noticed a white pickup truck pulling away from another house on the same large lot.

He said the pickup driver tried to cut him off as he exited the driveway. Gibson swerved around him and then encountered a second man.

“I drive down about two or three houses and there’s another guy standing in the middle of the street, with a gun pointed at my vehicle,” said Gibson. The man motioned for him to stop. “I’m looking at him, like shaking my head, because why would I stop for somebody with a gun?”

Gibson said the man fired as he drove away, damaging the van and packages inside. He said the white pickup chased him to the interstate highway near Brookhaven before ending the chase. Later, police told local news outlets that the elder Case was the suspected pickup driver, while Brandon Case was the man in the street. Gregory Case is 58, and his son is 35, according to The Daily Leader of Brookhaven.

Gibson said he called police and was told by one officer that police had received a call about a suspicious person at the same address at the same time. “I said, ‘Sir, I’m not a suspicious person. I’m a FedEx worker. I was just doing my job and they shot at me.’”

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Gibson claims that one white officer asked him if he had done anything that would make him look suspicious.
“I felt disrespected at that point, because even if I did, they still can’t take the law into their own hand,” Gibson told the Mississippi Free Press. “So I told him all I did was my job. If they think that I was suspicious, that was on them. He was like ‘OK, I was just asking.’”
Bullet holes were found in the van, a lone bullet discovered on the floor in the back.

The case will be brought before a grand jury, the Ledger reports, to make a final decision on charges once the police complete their investigation.


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