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Woman found hanging in her White Roommate’s garage in McKinney Texas

Update 7.22.2020 5:10pm

Reports coming in of a woman named “Gloria Bambo, a resident of McKinney, Texas. It’s alleged she was found hanging inside of her roommate’s garage.

Statement from McKinney-PD:

The McKinney Police Department typically does not comment on suicides, including naming the deceased, but due to the public nature of this case we feel the need to clarify some inaccuracies.

A number of posts on social media have speculated about the death of Gloria Bambo, a 20-year-old Black female. Ms. Bambo’s body was discovered by her 19-year-old male housemate who has fully cooperated during the investigation. All evidence in the case so far leads investigators to believe it was suicide. The Medical Examiner’s findings are still pending but the preliminary examination of the body has not uncovered any evidence to contradict what was discovered at the residence.

This case is still under investigation and is not closed at this time. We are committed to a complete, thorough investigation of Ms. Bambo’s tragic death and we grieve the tragic loss of this promising, young life.

Attorney Lee Merritt, “We are going to need some answers in McKinney.”

As the post starts circulating on social media the number one question is, why no media coverage.?

Twitter user alleged Gloria Bambo case was already closed.

Collin County NAACP responds:

It is said that Gloria went to Allen High School.

A friend of Gloria Bambo roommate posted this message on twitter before removing the post.

A petition was started demanding Justice for Gloria Bambo

Petition: Gloria Bamboo a resident of McKinney of Texas & alumni of Allen eagles. Her white roommate found Gloria hanging in her own garage on July 12, 2020. Police estimated she died three days ago. Sadly that is the only true information was given to her family. Her case is closed and the police refuse to investigate & worse withhold information to her family & public. As a former classmate, I demand more info…Justice for Gloria Bambo

We need to know what happened to Gloria? Who is the roommate?

Why officials in McKinney Texas hasn’t reported this story?

Developing story…


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  1. This lady actually hung herself because she was mentally ill and got fired from her job. If you follow the posts to her Instagram page her friend a black girl has posted a text conversation the roommate had with her and he also posted something on his timeline with more detailed information on what happened.

  2. I knew her in real life. She had troubles with suicidal thoughts and a chemical imbalance in her brain/body that geared her toward depression. R.I.P.

    • No you didn’t. Smh ?‍♂️ You’re just another poser pretending to know this person. Why is it every time a White gets hanged you all believe it to be some sort of conspiracy or believe there’s more to it, yet when it happens to someone who’s of color you simply disregard it and call it suicidal or mental illness? You Whites always want to cast away the blame off themselves yet always seem to be the first to point the finger at someone else when you’re the ones who’re offended. Such hypocrisy makes me sick to the stomach.

  3. I knew her personally. She was a victim of depression and bipolar disorder. Her suicide could’ve been prevented if she followed the advice of her primary physician and met with a therapist. R.I.P.

  4. Black women can’t trust no one name Tyrone. We have seen how they paint us worse than Caucasians and definitely don’t respect or protect us as a whole. The roommate already got caught lying. He said he texted her asking her to open the door. However his text shows he told the person at the door she wasn’t home, when he claimed before she was upstairs. Why would he be so concerned with the door camera when he said the worker was going to be going in and out, and that if he had any questions Gloria is upstairs. Did the worker ever see Gloria? Did the roommate get rid of Gloria because she lost her job? We can’t trust text messages because they easily could’ve got her phone. When they kill us we’re either prosecuted like we’re in trial or called mental. We know Caucasians love labeling themselves mental to avoid accountability. They only label us that to silence us, just like our men do.

    • Your wrong, did u read the same thing i read?because your allegations are wayyyy off. Lord reveal all thats evil and let that young lady rest in peace In Jesus name.

  5. There is no way that anyone should believe this report. I am suspect and wonder why would she live with the enemy. I smell a rat, a big one.

  6. When the cause of death is suicide, the standard response of media and police is to NOT put a lot of public information out there out of respect for the individual and the family.

  7. I do not believe this the media says so much lies!! And even if it did happen you would have heard something they would be.all over that!!! God bless and keep her Family if this is true .you can believe one thing this would have been on national news everywhere and we all know that!! But they didn’t cover those poor sweet babies in Chicago it is pathetic in how the media is if it will get them ratings they will do it Nd they love heartache and disasters

  8. I work in the media in Texas and I can say that unless it is ruled a homicide, the media will not cover it. Another thing is, that the McKinney PIO would be the one who would reach out to us or the posts would have to come our way for us to look into it, for it to make coverage and even then, it’s not a guarantee it would be covered if the cops are calling it a suicide. It’s very sad that this happened, but unfortunately, this is not something that the media would cover, unless there are reasons to believe there was foul play.

  9. There’s so much going on, pandemic, police homicides of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, protests and riots, Chicago etc.. Crazed politicians.. A lot of hate.. Networks are no help, fanning the flames of everything negative that could bring the worst out of people. Check yourself.


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