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Tommy Pham Stabbing Video Shows Violent, Bloody Aftermath

Video obtained video of the altercation outside of the strip club … and it’s both graphic AND violent.

FYI — Pham is dressed in a white shirt and red sweatpants.

The footage does not show the moment Pham is stabbed, but does show the aftermath — which includes a fistfight involving other people … while Pham stands nearby in a blood-soaked shirt.

You can see in the clip, the stab wound runs from hip to hip … and he is bleeding profusely.

Paramedics eventually arrived to the scene and treated Pham — who never really looked like he was in grave danger. Tough guy.

Pham was transported to UC San Diego Health, where he received stitches to close the wound. Pham issued a statement later saying he is already on the road to recovery — adding, “I know I’ll be back to my offseason training routine in no time.”

6:52 AM PT — Pham is SERIOUSLY lucky to have avoided catastrophic injuries in the attack … cops tell us the outfielder suffered a 12″ long and 5″ wide laceration in the stabbing.

San Diego Padres star Tommy Pham was stabbed outside of a strip club Sunday night … but, fortunately, both he and the team say he’s expected to recover fully.

S.D. police say the outfielder was slashed outside Pacers Showgirls International at around 10:35 p.m.

Two people close to the situation told the San Diego Union-Tribune … the whole incident started when Pham confronted people who were arguing near his car.

According to the report, when Pham asked the people — whom cops say it appeared he did NOT know — to get away from his vehicle … he was attacked and stabbed in the lower back.

Pham went to the hospital and required stitches … though, thankfully, the 32-year-old did not have any organ or other internal damage from the blade.

“I’d like to thank the incredible medical staff at UC San Diego Health for taking such great care of me last night,” Pham said in a statement Monday. “I truly appreciate the hard work of the [San Diego Police Department] as well as they continue their search for the suspects.”

“While it was a very traumatic and eye-opening experience for me, I’m on the road to recovery and I know I’ll be back to my offseason training routine in no time.”

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