Wednesday, March 22, 2023

North Texas student creates petition to stop ‘unreasonable’ dress code changes in district

Forney ISD announced changes to the dress code, including no hoodies, skirts, skorts or dresses. 10th grader Brooklynn Hollaman is petitioning to change it back.

FORNEY, Texas — In a few weeks, Brooklynn Hollaman will dig through her closet, looking for clothes to wear on her first day of 10th grade. But this fall, the Forney High School sophomore will have to limit what she can and can’t put on.

Forney Independent School District announced updates to the dress code for the 2022 to 2023 school year. The district has a 7-page document detailing the entire dress code, but there are two significant changes.

Students can no longer wear clothing with hoods inside, including hoodies, jackets and coats. Dresses, skirts and skorts can no longer be worn by 5th graders or older. Preschoolers through 4th graders can still wear the latter.

In a statement, Forney ISD writes, “The use of a school dress code is established to improve student self-esteem, bridge socio-economic differences among students, and promote positive behavior, thereby enhancing school safety and improving the learning environment.”

A started a petition. Within two days, she gathered more than 2,300 signatures against the new dress code, and the number of supporters is growing.

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