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16 members of Florida white supremacist gang charged in sweeping indictment

Sixteen members of a Florida-based white supremacist group – who went by names such as Shrek, Pretty Boy and Scumbag – have been charged in a 12-count racketeering indictment accusing them of engaging in acts of murder, kidnapping and other offenses.

The members of the group called the Unforgiven used “corrupt law enforcement officers and state employees” to gather information about the investigation and to smuggle contraband to incarcerated inmates, the indictment says.

The group required its members to study “Aryan Philosophy” and carry out acts of extreme violence to gain entry into the gang, the indictment says. They were also required to ​​get tattoos – which included swastikas, iron crosses and SS bolts – pay dues and attend regular meetings known as “Church,” the court papers say.

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