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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Texas Teen Becomes 11-Year-Old Multimillionaire With A Lemonade Business

Many people dream of becoming a millionaire – but one girl became CEO of her own multi-million dollar business at the age of 11. Despite...

11-Year-Old Boy Gets Finger Amputated After Escaping Racist School Bullies

Eleven-year-old Raheem Bailey was forced to have a finger amputated after running away from racist bullies that have been tormenting him for months, says his mother Shantal...

11-year-old girl fatally shot in stomach by suspects riding scooter in the Bronx identified

An 11-year-old girl is dead after she was shot in the stomach by a gunman riding a scooter in the Bronx Monday night. The girl,...

Black father speaks out against N.Y. trooper after 11-year-old daughter dies in traffic stop

Tristin Goods says a state trooper rammed the back of his car, causing an accident that killed his daughter.

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