Thursday, February 2, 2023

Watermark Church the New Owner of Pearl C. Anderson Middle School for $211,000

There’s a new owner of Pearl C. Anderson in South Dallas and it’s an all-white church.

According to DallasNews “I don’t blame them for being skeptical,” senior pastor Todd Wagner said of the politicians and preachers. “But I look forward to becoming their friend.”

The Dallas ISD board of trustees approved the sale in late August; records show Watermark paid $211,000 for nine acres of building and bare land off Second Avenue — a steal, no matter the building’s wretched condition. The Dallas Central Appraisal District shows the deed transferred on Oct. 24. Read More Here

When news hit social media criticism of the megachurch posted in Dallas Reform:

Dear Watermark Community Church,

Today I celebrate a very interesting anniversary with you. It was exactly one year ago when you told me that I was no longer worthy to serve, be in a community group, and be a member of your church.

I spent years in your church battling against my homosexuality. I believed with all my heart that God would change me; I prayed for change almost daily. But when I wasn’t able to change, you turned your back on me.

You say our “sin” is not unique, but you treat us in a unique manner; this is unacceptable behavior. We are actual people that have actual feelings.

Here we are a year later and you are still doing to others what you did to me. You are tarnishing the name of God to Christians and non-Christians alike; you should be ashamed of yourselves! Do not forget, Jesus was a angry with people just like you who said certain groups of people were not worthy to be followers of Him.

Thank you for removing yourself from my life! I am who God made me to be. I cannot change my sexual orientation and nor would I want to. I now have internal peace and happiness unlike ever before.


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