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Q: I think I’m registered to vote in Texas, but I’m not sure. How can I confirm?

A: Go to That’s the official Texas voting website. On the right side of the window you will see “AM I REGISTERED?” Click on that button. On the right side of the next window you will see a box for “Selection Criteria” (where you get to pick one of three ways of identifying yourself to the Secretary of State). Select one of the three options, depending on what is easiest for you: (a) Voter ID number on your previous voter registration card (“VUID”) plus your date of birth, (b) Texas

drivers license number plus your date of birth, or (c) your name, your county, and your date of birth. Then fill in the needed info and hit “Submit.” Now you know if you are a currently recognized voter in Texas.

Q: I know I’m registered, but I can’t find my voter identification postcard. Does that present a problem?

A: No. You do not have to bring the card with you to your voting place, although many people do bring their card with them. If you are registered, your name will be on their master list. In either case, you will have to provide a government-issued ID, like a driver’s license or passport.

Q: Looks like I’m not actually registered in Texas. How can I register?

A: Go to That’s the official Texas voting website. On the right side of the window you will see “REGISTER TO VOTE.” Click on that button. In the next window, make sure you do qualify to be a voter in Texas, using the list of 5 requirements. Above that list, at the end of the short paragraph labeled “Register To Vote,” you will see a hyperlink that looks like this: Get your application here. That will take you to another window. At the beginning of the third paragraph you will see the hyperlink: voter registration application online. Click on that, and it will take you to a series of new windows where you will be able to answer simple questions to show your eligibility. Be sure you know the name of the county you live in. Fill out that form completely and then hit the small “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. That will generate a printable document for you to print, sign and mail (U.S. Mail) to your county registrar. There is no way to “register on

line” in a Texas under Republican control. Maybe some day in the future, though! Want to know the mailing address of your county “elections administrator” so you can mail in your application? Just go to this website: and it will list every county in Texas and the name and address of its “elections administrator.” For example, for Dallas County it’s:

Elections Administrator, 1520 Round Table Dr., Dallas, TX 75247

(Phone: 469-627-8683)

Q: What is the registration deadline?

A: Generally, it’s 30 days before the election you intend to vote in. In the case of the upcoming November 3 state and national elections, the deadline (the very last date) for you to have your application completedprintedsigned and mailed (“postmarked”) is October 5. Once processed, they will send you a voter registration “identification card” in the mail. But a better idea is to go ahead and do it AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE THE APPLICATION … while the Post Office is still functioning.

Q: Can I vote by mail as a Texas voter?

A: Yes, if you qualify (duly registered and either over 65 or disabled/ill, or expect to be “out of the county” on election day and during the ‘early voting’ days prior to the election)

Go to:

To submit a Vote-by-Mail application, click on “Print (PDF)” in line #1 of the “Instructions” list … for the application to print out for you to fill in, sign, and mail … or, if you have no printer, click on “order online” (line #2 of the “Instructions” list) and they will mail you an application to fill out, sign and mail back to them. You would mail it to the same “elections administrator” or “county clerk” for your home county, using the directory you can review at:

What is the easiest way to make donations to equality-minded candidates endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign?

A: Easy. Go to and you will find a list of endorsed Texas candidates. Just fill in the dollar amount you’d like to contribute to one or more of those candidates, giving your credit card information, etc., and you’re all done.

Provided by Dallas Voice

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