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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Ukraine: Racism reported as Ukrainians block black people from fleeing war zone

Scores of African migrants in Ukraine are being blocked from fleeing to safety as Russian attacks continue to devastate the country, those trying to make border crossings have...

Jazmine Sullivan calls out Macy’s employee for alleged racism on Juneteenth

The“Pick Up Your Feelings” singer is calling out the retail giant after she had what she says was a racist encounter with an employee...

Texas Governor Signs Law Banning Teachers From Talking About Racism

Greg Abbott signed the controversial bill that prescribes how Texas teachers can talk about racism.

Woman claims man kidnapped her, forced her to watch ‘Roots’ to ‘understand her racism’

(WAVE) – Police in Cedar Rapids, Michigan arrested a man after he allegedly kidnapped a woman and forced her to watch “Roots,” a 1977...

Black Facebook employees complain racism, discrimination has gotten worse

SAN FRANCISCO – An anonymous memo alleging Facebook still has a problem with racial bias is circulating inside the company one year after a former...

Champion U.S. fencer takes knee on medal podium during national anthem, calls for social change

The top of the podium is worth just about everything to U.S. fencer Race Imboden. Except his principles. A gold around his neck and a U.S....

Is Cam Newton Delusional to Think Racism Isn’t a Factor in the Criticism He Receives?

Last year, everyone was criticizing Cam Newton for his showmanship, dabbing, and just about everything else the man did on and off the football...

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