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Monona cops draw guns, handcuff Keonte Furdge, 23 over false burglary report



Wisconsin police drew their guns on a black man and placed him in handcuffs this week — after a neighbor falsely assumed the man was burglarizing the home where he had been staying, according to new reports.

Keonte Furdge, 23, who was recently laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic, had been staying for a few days with his friend, former University of Iowa running back Toren Young, in a house in the city of Monona, local outlet Madison 365 reported.


The home is owned by an assistant football coach at Monona Grove High School — where Furdge graduated in 2016. The coach’s mom had lived at the home until she passed away recently.

Furdge told the outlet he was on the porch Tuesday morning speaking on the phone with a friend. About 20 minutes later, he went back inside and heard cops enter and start shouting.

Police said in a statement that a woman called to report “there was someone at her neighbors [sic] home that she did not believe should be there.”

Authorities said the caller “did identify the individual sitting in front of the home as African American, however that was not conveyed to the responding officers.”

Police said they knocked before entering, but Furdge told the local outlet he didn’t hear anything.

“I didn’t hear anything,” he said. “I wasn’t wearing my AirPods. I was just laying in the bed. And then they … announced themselves, ‘Monona Police.’ I was like, ‘OK, what’s going on?’ And once I said that, they said, ‘Come out with your hands up.’ So I came out with my hands up.”

“They said, ‘Is there anyone else in the home? Do you have any weapons?’” he said. “I was like, ‘No, I don’t have anything. What are you talking about? What’s going on?’”

They then asked Furdge if he was allowed to be in the home. He explained that his coach had given him permission to stay there, but “they didn’t put the guns down,” he told the outlet.

Two officers were inside the home with their guns drawn, another outside the bedroom window — also with a weapon out — plus two or three others outside, Furdge said.

Furdge said he was handcuffed for about five minutes before cops were able to confirm with the homeowner’s son that he wasn’t an intruder after all, according to the report.

Officers apologized and left, but Furdge and Young later went to police headquarters to file a complaint.

“We explained our frustrations, and the officers explained they were just following protocol and that this was all a misunderstanding,” Young posted to Facebook.

“They were right in the fact that this was a misunderstanding, but this is [a] misunderstanding that we as a community can not accept nor afford. All it took was one wrong move and the outcome would have been very different. We can do better than this!”

“While speaking to two of the officers, they mentioned it is very common for them to get calls from members of the community because they fear black people,” he added.

In a statement, the City of Monona said the incident will be “properly investigated by an outside organization.”

“To our African American neighbors and those that visit our community, please know that we value your perspective and experiences on how we can improve,” the statement said. “The fact that this incident occurred in the aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd and the recent protests across the country regarding social justice only reinforces our need to evaluate how we operate in Monona.”

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City of Vallejo Releases New Information in Willie McCoy Death



The city of Vallejo released new information Wednesday regarding the shooting death of a Black man in February of 2019.

New body camera footage shows the moments leading up to the death of local rapper Willie McCoy who had fallen asleep in the drive-thru of a Taco Bell.


According to new reports, 55 bullets were fired by Vallejo officers, 38 of which struck him.

The police chief is calling for at least one officer to be fired. That officer opened fire “after” five of his colleagues were already shooting.

Officers claim McCoy had a gun in his lap. He was 20 years old.

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Husband of L.A. County DA Jackie Lacey facing multiple charges after pointing a gun at BLM protesters



The husband of Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey is facing multiple misdemeanor charges in connection with a March incident in which he waved a gun at protesters outside his Granada Hills home, a law enforcement official told the Los Angeles Times.

The California attorney general’s office, which was investigating the matter due to the conflict of interest for local prosecutors, made the decision to bring charges earlier this week, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the ongoing investigation.


David Lacey is being charged with three counts of assault with a firearm, according to a charging document obtained by Politico.

The chaotic scene unfolded on March 2, when protesters affiliated with Black Lives Matter L.A. and other local organizations descended on Lacey’s Granada Hills home for a pre-dawn protest. Several of the demonstrators knocked on Lacey’s door, and her husband answered brandishing a handgun.

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Gary Patterson apologizes for repeating racial slur



Head coach Gary Patterson issued an apology Tuesday on Twitter after several players walked out of practice the day before.

Patterson met with seniors and the leadership council Monday night about how to move forward as a team.


In his tweet, Patterson said, “I apologize for the use of a word that, in any context, is unacceptable. I have always encouraged our players to do better and be better and I must live by the same standards.”

Senior center Kelton Hollins, who was present at the meeting with Patterson, said in a tweet the team’s leadership told Patterson the slur is unacceptable in any context.

Football players skip practice to protest Gary Patterson’s use of racial slur

Head coach Gary Patterson is expected to apologize tonight at a meeting with team leadership for his use of the N-word during Sunday’s practice, Chancellor Victor Boschini said in an email to TCU 360.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson observes practice. (Photo by Cristian ArguetaSoto.)

The matter became public Monday after multiple players took to social media to complain about his actions.

Boschini said Patterson, “did not use the word against any individual, or group for that matter, on the team.”

“He said it trying to ask the players not to use it anymore,” Boschini said. “He has since apologized for doing so in this manner and said it was a teachable moment for him and many others.”

Redshirt freshman linebacker Dylan Jordan tweeted Monday that Patterson used the slur while chastising Jordan during practice. His tweet prompted a series of back and forth tweets from players criticizing or defending Patterson.

According to Jordan’s tweet, Patterson confronted Jordan at practice regarding a social media post about his girlfriend on National Girlfriend Day.

Jordan tweeted that Patterson said Jordan should have asked for permission before making the post. Patterson then complained about Jordan’s use of a racial slur in the locker room, but in doing so, Patterson repeated the slur.

On Monday, Jordan also tweeted that several players refused to go to practice in protest of Patterson’s language. Patterson then came into the locker room to speak to the players and again said the word while explaining he was not using it to directly refer to Jordan.

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