Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Moments after homecoming queen win, Mississippi teen gives up crown in ‘selfless’ act

By: Tanasia Kenney 

“I literally get chill bumps EVERY time I read about and see the photos of this beautiful moment of pure, unadulterated love!!!” a Facebook user posted.

“Selfless,” “emotional” and “a moment no one will ever forget.”

That’s how parents in one Mississippi school community described the moment Forrest County Agricultural High School senior Nyla Covington gave up her tiara seconds after being crowned the 2021 homecoming queen.

Her act of kindness was on full display Saturday when she removed her crown and placed it on the head of her friend and classmate Brittany Walters, according to photos and videos posted online. Brittany’s mother, an esteemed employee at the Brooklyn, Miss., high school, had died from cancer just hours earlier, multiple outlets report.

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