Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Fort Hood: Soldier alleging harassment and retaliation assigned female escort with 24/7 access; Jewell Scott says “THIS IS A LIE!

A day after acknowledging allegations of harassment and retaliation made by Sgt. Jewell Scott on Instagram, officials at III Corps Fort Hood said the soldier has been assigned a “female, non-commissioned officer escort who she can access 24/7.”

The Army post further said a senior investigating officer “that is external to (Scott’s) command will be appointed for an administrative investigation” and that Sgt. Scott has been given the opportunity to file a report with the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division.

“Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of Sgt. Scott. Commanders have the responsibility to investigate all allegations made by any of their Soldiers,” the Army post said, “Leadership remains in contact with Sgt. Scott to ensure her health and safety.”

In a story video on her Instagram account, Sgt Scott first claimed retaliation from her leadership after she said she tried to raise awareness about problems with her unit.

The soldier, who claims she was told she is being discharged soon, also launched a GoFundMe page asking for help as she transitions into civilian life.

“While stationed here, I have witnessed many awful things. I am a victims of their constant harassment and negligence to safety. For months, I have tried to bring awareness to these things in which Fort Hood continues to cover up and neglect,” the soldier wrote on the GoFundMe page, “Once they were made aware that I have been working with news stations. I quickly became a target and person they they needed to hush.”

On Sunday, III Corps Fort Hood shared a post on Facebook to let its community know leadership is “aware of the allegations and concerns raised by Sgt. Jewel Scott.

“We take all allegations of misconduct seriously and commanders will investigate and take action as appropriate. Sgt. Scott is safe and in the care of her unit leadership,” the Army post said, “Our Soldiers can always bring up concerns to their leadership, who will take appropriate action commensurate with Army Standards and values.”

Scott immediately responded to Fort Hood’s Facebook post on Sunday on her own Instagram page. “THIS IS A LIE! I am NOT in the ‘CARE’ of my LEADERSHIP. The last time I have spoken to my leadership was when they had me illegally arrested by undercovers, and taken to the hospital,” she claimed in the post.

“I was informed that I would be discharged in 10 days for misconduct !! What makes it even worst is that they didn’t even want to tell me under what conditions or what for,” she said.

On Monday, III Corps Fort Hood said it is aware Scott has raised concerns about being separated from the Army.

“While we cannot comment on whether she is or is not being separated, we can say that any Soldier being administratively separated is entitled to full due process under the law, to include counsel from an attorney,” the Army post said.

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