Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Dixon Circle residents walk for miles; Dart discontinued Bus #12, and Residents want it restored.

Residents are frustrated that (Dart) Dallas Area Rapid Transit discontinued Bus #12 which serviced Dallas Dixon Circle for over 30 years. Now, those living in the area have to walk over 2 miles to get to their destination.  Unified People Unified Purpose met with Dart representatives to petition for the restoration of service in the Dixon Circle area. Dart claims customer performance was down after 2015. “Just not enough people riding the bus in the area, the cost doesn’t match the revenue coming in,” a representative for Dart says.  Dixon Circle residents claim most of the money machines are broken or not in use, that’s why the performance indicators are down.  “Now, we have to walk for miles in the dark, says one resident at a Dixon Circle community meeting.”

In 2022, bus #12 was discontinued and replaced with Golink’ which is similar to Uber. To use Golink you would need a phone, bank account, and download the app. “While it’s a good program, people in low-income communities like Dixon Circle, are faced with a digital divide, and some struggle with obtaining IDs that allow for a bank account.” “Most use money in hand, and we feel Dart is leaving this community behind.” “Transportation is a lifeline between work, school, and doctor’s appointments and Dart should ensure low-income communities have accessibility,” says Maurice Ash of UpnUp

“Golink cannot accommodate a large amount of people moving at one time. If 25 people have to be at work at 8 a.m. Golinks cannot and will not send 25 cars out to get them to work on time,” says Michael Sneed of UpnUp

A Petition to restore the route through Dixon Circle was started online

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