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DC Metro Police Officer Terrance Sutton who chased Karon Hylton to his death over a helmet, involved in ACLU lawsuit for sexually abusive and unconstitutional search of black man

DC Metro Police officer alleged he saw Hylton riding on a sidewalk on an electric moped with no helmet on. The officers claimed they activated their lights and sirens, and Hylton ducked into an alley. Police said that when he rode out of the alley about a block down, he collided with a passenger vehicle on the street. Officers said they rendered first aid before Hylton was taken to a hospital, where he later died.


Some of Hylton’s friends say they’re just not buying the police story. 

“They hit him in the back of his scooter and pushed him into the oncoming car,” one friend said, According to CBS

Community protesting demanding the Bodycam be released.

Karon Hylton was the Father of a 3-Month-Old Daughter

Social media posted a photo of DC Metro Police Officer who they alleged chased Karon Hylton to his death over a helmet. The community says Officer Sutton has a history of terrorizing the community.

Get this!

D.C. ACLU is suing DC Metro PD officers including Terrance Sutton for what it describes as a sexually abusive and unconstitutional search of a Black man in 2019.

What the Hell!!!

According the DCist, The D.C. American Civil Liberties Union is suing a Metropolitan Police Department officer and the District for what it describes as a sexually abusive and unconstitutional search of a District man last January.

The complaint, filed Monday, details an incident on the evening of January 15, 2019, when MPD officers broke down the door of a Petworth apartment with a warrant to search for drugs and paraphernalia on the property—the suit alleges that the warrant did not include the right to search individuals.

All seven people in the apartment, who were there watching sports, were ordered to lie face-down on the ground, according to the suit.

Here’s what the ACLU alleges happened next: Plaintiff Mbalaminwe Mwimanzi was pulled to his feet and searched by an officer who found nothing illegal on him. Officer Terence Sutton pulled Mwimanzi by the shirt and allegedly told him,” You don’t run shit in here,” and said he had a “bad attitude.” Sutton then asked another officer to search Mwimanzi again.

After the first two searches, the suit claims that another officer, defendant Officer Joshua Wilson, told Mwimanzi to spread his legs. Mwimanzi says Wilson forcefully pressed his hand against Mwimanzi’s buttocks and jammed his genitals into his leg, despite Mwimanzi screaming out in pain.

Ultimately, the officers did not seize anything during that January search, per the lawsuit.

After Mwimanzi complained of severe pain in his anus and groin, he was taken to Medstar Washington Hospital Center to receive treatment for his injuries, the lawsuit says.

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  1. Martin

    November 12, 2020 at 10:32 am

    Well what do you think the person that they searched would say. And the family of the guy who died. They are seeking money . Don’t break the law and you won’t have run Ins with the police

  2. SJR

    November 21, 2020 at 7:26 pm

    It is reprehensible how you made false assertions shown to be false by the body camera footage, and have not printed a correction or retraction. This is just stirring more division, polarization and hatred. Furthermore you have made reference to a lawsuit that does not involve Officer Sutton as the defendent. To what end and for what purpose? (Another officer is charged.) Your article is certainly lacking in complete & unbiased reporting, even down to the photos…used to bias feelings. Where is the reporting on Mr. Hylton’s legal record? There is more to this story than you indicate.

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