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Black Doctor forced by police to pay movers or go to jail.

Black Doctor forced by Lafayette, Louisiana Police to pay A&L Movers or go to jail.

“Bottom line if you don’t pay them for the service tonight, you will be arrested.” “You can explain it to the judge,” says officer Lavergne.

Dr. West can be heard, “This is what we have come to, a policeman threatening to arrest me,” to which the officer says, “That’s not a threat.”

The officer gets agitated and starts raising his voice at Dr. West while she was trying to explain her side of the story and then tells her she’s under arrest.

The estimated cost was $110 per hour with a $75 trip fee, for 3 hours.

Dr. Threvia West was forced to pay triple the amount. Altogether, she was charged for eleven hours, plus a $75 trip fee.

Post by Via: @garychambersjr This officer had no reason to touch Dr. West, this matter should’ve been addressed in civil court because it’s a dispute overpayment.

Comments from the legal team give more clarity into this situation.

“On December 28, 2020, Dr. Threvia West was confronted with a bill from a moving company that grossly exceeded their previously agreed-upon price. While the moving company had estimated her task as a three-hour job, it took them eleven hours to complete it, subsequently charging her triple the quoted amount. When Dr. West calmly and reasonably protested the excessive charges, the police were inexplicably called to the scene. Upon their arrival, Dr. West fully explained that she had moved this same furniture numerous times quickly and without incident, and that she disputed the exorbitant cost. Rather than quietly and professionally resolving this minor issue and allowing the parties to properly handle it through adjudication, the officers extraordinarily escalated the situation, both yelling at her and attempting to arrest her. Without provocation, Officer Lavergne grabbed her arm in an attempt to handcuff her for “theft of services.” He continued to scream at Dr. West throughout the ordeal while he played judge and jury with what should have been a civil court matter, and Officer Huval stood by as a willing participant to the abuse.”

Attorneys @attorney_ronald_haley and @ryankeiththompson are representing Dr. West. This officer should be disciplined immediately. Cops really believe they can do anything to us.

It’s unacceptable.



  1. kunnsen

    February 4, 2021 at 2:38 pm

    On December 28, 2020, A&L Movers performed a residential move for Dr. Threvia West. When she called for a cost estimate, she stated she would have everything boxed. We had given Dr. West an estimate that included 2 movers and 1 truck, at the price of $110/hour with a $75 trip fee.

    When our crew arrived Dr. West was not at the residence. Approximately an hour later she arrived for our crew to begin moving. When our crew entered the residence nothing was boxed to move. Our crew started moving the furniture out of her residence. After they finished loading the furniture they assisted in boxing the residence. Dr. West ran out of boxing material and left for approximately an hour to purchase more, while our crew waited.

    Upon her return they finished packing up the residence and departed to the first unload destination. The destination was a local storage facility on the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor was never discussed during the booking process because she had not reserved a unit at that time. She needed a form to be able to access the storage and left for another hour while our crew waited. By the time she returned, the storage facility employee had left for lunch. This added another 30-45 minutes of waiting time.

    Our crew leader had called us at that point requesting another employee to assist in the unload. We made the decision to send the third employee at no charge to Dr. West. After they finished unloading onto the 3rd floor of the storage facility, they departed to the next offload location.

    Dr. West at no point contacted management about not being comfortable with the time.

    After our crew finished unloading Dr. West at the second location, they attempted to collect payment. At this time Dr. West refused to pay for anything over 3 hours. Our crew leader called us again, and we contacted Dr. West. Upon answering the phone, Dr. West was very rude and shouted obscenities at us. She indicated that we could take her to court because she “always wins.” We tried to explain to Dr. West that we told her, based on what was discussed on the phone, that the move she originally described usually takes around 3 hours. These 3 hours are based on the understanding that everything would be boxed up and ready to go.

    Unfortunately, in this case, because the boxing had not been done and because our crew was forced to wait for Dr. West on multiple occasions during the move, the move exceeded our estimate. We did everything we could to satisfy Dr. West but were met with legal threats and a refusal to have a rational conversation about the situation.

    In order to document the incident, we made the decision to call the authorities for theft of services. Our decision to involve the police was not racially motivated. We are a family business, and we simply wanted to be paid for the time we spent moving Dr. West’s belongings. At this time, A&L Movers does not wish to comment on the nature of Dr. West’s subsequent interaction with the police.”

    • Casey Thomas

      February 5, 2021 at 4:17 am

      So that gives them a reason to harass her and threaten her with jail.

  2. Queen AdiYah

    February 4, 2021 at 8:14 pm

    No matter the circumstance the police had no legal grounds to force payment. That is a civil suit and should have been handled in court. The police forced payment by threatening the customer to pay or she goes to jail. We know what happens when police are involved in the situation, the possibility of death for being black. The police overstepped boundaries as usual. They are there to enforce the law not coerce a payment from a customer. At this time she has every right to sue. I am not able to comment on the nature of the case since there are 2 parts two every story. Hopefully, this situation is resolved in the court of law and a fair judgment is assessed.

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